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GFF Start-up financing

Start-up financing supports HSG researchers at two levels: firstly, by financing the preparation phase for a project application in basic research. Secondly, by rewarding projects that have been approved by the SNSF.

The Start-up financing form of the Basic Research Fund consists of «subsidies» and «success fees SNSF». With subsidies, elaborating and submitting of a research project is sponsored. With a success fee, the approval of a SNSF-project is honoured.

Purpose: Elaboration of an application for a larger project in basic research intented to be submitted to a national or international research funding organization.


  • full professors
  • permanent lectureres and assistant professors who show that they have successfully worked in research and are able to carry out a research project on their own responsibility and guide the assistants employed.

Funding: salaries and social securities for project employees and indispensable research costs at a maximum of CHF 40`000 and 12 months. Please be aware of the «Wage tables GFF» in the HSG Intranet when applying for salaries of GFF employees.

Submission of applications: 15th January, 1st March, 1st September, 2nd November

Evaluation by: HSG's Research Committee

As soon as the SNSF approves a research project (categories «Projects» and «Programmes»), the payment of the success fee is triggered. The payment is not bound by a former application for subsidies within start-up funding. The success fee amounts to 25 percent of the total project amount up to a maximum amount of CHF 40`000.

Please note the implementation provisions (right-hand navigation bar under Downloads). Before you apply for a start-up subsidy, we recommend to arrange a consultation appointment.